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Since company’s aim is to reach majority of world population through their LS and Mayuri brand of Basmati Rice, company has classified its product range to suit different sections of society as here under:-

Parabailed rice Product Range includes

Royal Golden/White
Basmati rice packed under this category are about 9 MM length which becomes 22 MM after cooking. Best in the category, is very suitable for making last Biryani, Pulao and Plain Rice dishes during celebrations and feast.

Around 7 MM in length, is very suitable for daily needs and bulk requirements during functions because of its economic price.

About 5 MM in length is yet more economic and ideal choice of lower middle income families .

About 4 MM in length is most economic in the category .

A little smaller in length about 3-4 MM is widely used for preparing Khichadi and Kheer.

Golden Mogra
Smallest in size is ideal for making rice dough used for making dishes like Idly and Dosa.

Specially manufactured for health loving people, is richer in staple fiber content.

All above varieties are available in Mayuri brand also. Although all above mentioned categories of rice are made from same paddy they carry same aroya, taste and nutritious value. They are sorted differently according to their size with the use of automatic imported sorter machine. All categories are consumed by different classes of society according to their requirement. Apart from parboiled range, above products are also available in steam and raw varieties also. Company’s above products are available in very attractive 1,5,10 and 25 KG packs, packed in most hygienic conditions at company’s premises.


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