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Though Jai Giriraj Group has been very fortunate in writing a historic success story in Central India, accumulating wealth has never been their goal of life. Group members strongly believe in sharing the fruits of their success with whole world community. Countries world over and its majority population are facing the problem of malnutrition because of non availability of nutritious food. Jai Giriraj Group believes in the solution of this major problem by making best quality Basmati rice easily available within the reach of common people around the world.

In the ara of globalization, nations and communities are getting closr and their food habits also are getting influenced by each other. Some one has very well said TELL ME WHAT YOU EAT, AND I WILL TELL YOU WHAT YOU ARE. Food habits determine the nature of individuals, societies and nations to a great extent. Food habits divide countries and communities. One of the main causes of under developed nations world over z-e – under nourishment and malnutrition of their major population at one end, and over eating and wrong food habits of their fortunate class of society at ther end has resulted in rivalry, hatred and fight among them. One very popular story of from the great epic Panchtantra is most relevant here. There was a bird with one body and two heads. One head found a very sweet and delicious fruit. Joy of mouth watering taste was not shared with other head despite several requests from him, which made him angry. Now the other head happened to find a bitter and poisonous fruit which was purposely eaten by him despite lot of warnings from the other head. Desire of taking revenge ultimately resulted in the death of both of them because both had a common body. Message of the story lies in equitable distribution of fruits of life among entire world population, if we want a happier, peaceful and loving society on our mother earth.

About 31% of the population of the world over comes under the category of rice eating community. Over 40000 rice varieties are produced world over, among which Indian long grain Basmati rice has special class due to less of fat and balanced starch content along with the most desirable taste and aroma. Replacement of fatty products like pizza, bread and burgers by delicacies made from Basmati rice may help in creating more peaceloving and productive societies world over. Homogenizing the food habits of people could be the most important single factor which may help in creating homogenous happier and more cooperative global world. Jai Giriraj group realizes the importance of this noble cause. Even a little contribution in solving this most vital world problem shall be the biggest reward for all group members.


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